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About Bella LuElla and Cynthia

Bella LuElla has a very distinct style, because Cynthia is very, well, distinctly Cynthia. Cynthia has always had a flamboyant style, even as a child. Cynthia’s style was something she was just born with. She has always had a love for pearls, big hats, glam and sparkle. Her grandmother’s shiny earrings were her prized possessions growing up, along with an old typewriter and vintage suitcase she stored all her pretties in. Cynthia has always been a romantic, a dreamer and in love with the world of whimsey. You could find unicorns plastered all over her walls and furniture painted in pink glitter or decoupaged from images she collected from books and magazines.  Her wardrobe consisted of cardigans, mary janes and knee high Holly Hobby socks. She dreamt of one day owning a closet filled with lacy and frilly dresses. Cynthia was naturally drawn to the world of fashion and art. She just wanted to make things pretty. Very creative at a young age, Cynthia also excelled in writing, and sculpting. She could always make something out of nothing. She was very innovative and resourceful. And decorating and designing just came naturally to her. It was a surprise to no one when she pursued a career in graphic design and product development.


Cynthia is a trained graphic designer, and has spent years in product development and designing for mass retailers. She thought that when people were able to buy her designs on a shelf one day, that she would be happy. Unfortunately, when that day came and came again, she just didn’t feel fulfilled. She didn’t feel like they were her designs people were buying. She designed for other companies, whose names were in the labels. She felt limited by buyers, price points, factory capabilities and felt that all she did was fit pieces of a puzzle together. She finally realized one day, she just wasn’t happy doing this, and she didn’t want to do it anymore. So she stopped doing it.


Cynthia walked away from the corporate design world feeling a little burnt out and lost. She wondered if she would ever design again. Her best friend urged her not to waste her talents, and that summer in 2010, after leaving her job, Bella LuElla was created.


Bella LuElla and Cynthia, have transformed over the years, just like a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. Bella LuElla went from setting up shop on the side of the road selling old windows and accessories from a tent, to having items in shops locally and internationally. Recently Bella LuElla’s graphic design line emerged and has been very well received. There is a lot more in the works for Bella LuElla and more exciting things to come. In 2017 we will be expanding into party packages and party props! Along with incorporating Cynthia chosen antiques, finds and goodies she restores, refurbishes and adds a magic touch to!

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